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Tango Champaign-Urbana IL: Classes & Milongas since 1999
Promoting Quality and Authenticity in Argentine Tango Instruction and Social Events


TANGO CLASSES for Singles & Couples

Learn to dance tango as they do in the milongas of Buenos Aires
with Ron & Susana, professional instructors trained in Argentina

Traditional Milongas
Milonga del Corazon
@ Phillips Center since 1999
Longest continuously running
Milonga in the state of Illinois
Milonga Sentimental
@ McKinley Foundation since 2011
Learn More about Milongas

On Sabbatical
will return June 2014

- See Video of Tango Class at Phillips Center

- More Details on Course Content & Instructors

Upcoming Tango Events (or View in Google Calendar)
  • Summer 2014 Program to be announced in May 2014



will return in June 2014

Current & Upcoming Tango Instruction

Beginner Tango Courses

New classes begin
in June 2014

Courses above Beginner Level

New classes begin
in June 2014

For Registration or Course and Calendar Information, or to be added
to our MAILING LIST, send an e-mail to

Our Tango Environment

Phillips Recreation Center
505 W Stoughton, Urbana IL 61801

- Milongas, Classes & Workshops
- Air-conditioned building
- Free onsite parking
- On MTD #130 Bus Line

Meadowbrook Park
Garden Pavilion
Race Street, south of Windsor Road
Urbana IL 61802

- Summer Outdoor Milongas
- Attached rest rooms
- Free onsite parking

McKinley Foundation
(Church Basement)

809 S Fifth Street, Chamapign IL 61820
(on campus of University of Illinois)

- Milongas, Practicas & Classes
- Air-conditioned building
- Free parking across street in University garage

MILONGAS Around Town

Milonga at Phillips Center

Milonga in Meadowbrook Park

Milonga at McKinley Foundation

Our Learning Environment

Tango Workshop
at Phillips Recreation Center

Tango Class
at McKinley Foundation

Tango Workshop
at University of Illinois Illini Union

Our Social Environment

Thanksgiving Potluck
before Phillips Center Milonga

at Cafe Abrazo

Birthday Celebration
at McKinley Foundation Milonga


This is Argentine Tango. This is the Tango we dance and teach.

A Milonga in Buenos Aires
A Demonstration of Argentine Tango
More Videos of Milongas in Buenos Aires
More Videos of Argentine Tango Demonstrations

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