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Other Websites for Tango Information & Merchandise

CDs - historical recordings of tango music
Cyber Tango
Tango events and services worldwide
El Portal del Tango
Tango artists, song lyrics, history, Lunfardo dictionary, etc.
Tango festivals worldwide; traveling tango dancers & musicians
Christine Denniston's essays on the history of tango
Rick McGarrey's essays on tango in Buenos Aires
Tango Argentino de Tejas
Steven Brown: Educational information. music & video reviews, links
E-mail list for announcement of tango events worldwide
Tango Discussion e-mail List
Instructions for subscribing to Tango-A & Tango-L
Info on Tango Events, Instructors, DJs, Musicians , Recordings and more
Info on Tango History, Legends, Terms, Poetry, Humor and more
Todo Tango
Info on tango artists (musicians, dancers): Historical & contemporary
Keith Elshaw: Tango history, music, instructors, dance experience
Zival's Tango Store
CDs, DVDs, Videos, Sheet Music: Tango & Argentine folk music

Selected Tango Blogs

Blog Name (and link) Blog Description (if any)
The Accidental Tangoiste  
Ampstertango Ampster's eclectic ruminations about Argentine Tango
—A leader's perspective from the milongas of Seattle
In Search of Tango Paul Yang's Blog
Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog  
Know Tango  
La Milonga del 126 Information for Tango tourists coming to Buenos Aires
The Life of a Frustrated Milonguero The life of a dancer who would rather be in Buenos Aires
Melina's Two Cents Melina Sedo, tango teacher, ex psychologist and future historian writes about her work, studies and encounters
Milonguero's Room A series of interviews with the pioneers of Argentine Tango
Movement invites Movement The essence of communication; The embodiment of music
My Tango Diaries  
PractiMilonguero's Blog Interviews with milongueros
Simba Tango  
Tango Chamuyo Milongas and Milongueros of Buenos Aires
Tango Cherie Tango and expat life in Buenos Aires
--from the point of view of a Californian who lives there
Tango Commuter  
Tango Jungle A survival manual for those brave enough to venture into the jungle called the "milonga"
Tango Pilgrim Tango is a feeling in the music, the embrace and the sound of breaths
Tango Quest Let the embrace do the talking
Tango Salon Adelaide Experience the intimate and elegant social dance of Argentina
Tango Voice The Voice of Tango Argentino for North America
Tete y Silvia Silvia's blog in remebrance of the late milonguero Tete
Yet another Dance Addict Observations on anything and everything - but mostly on being in Buenos Aires to tango

Websites in Central Illinois for other Dance Groups

U-CAT Urbana-Champaign Argentine Tango (U of I campus)
Regent Ballroom Ballroom dance instruction; social dances
C-U Dancetonight Announcements of Night Club Dancing in the Champaign-Urbana area
Dance Club Urbana Classes in Nightclub Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, etc.
Dancing Illini University of Illinois student organization for ballroom dance
Illini Dancesport Team University of Illinois student organization for competitive ballroom dancing
Swing Society University of Illinois student organization for swing dancing
cu@salsa Instruction in Salsa and other Latin dances with Yuri & Mariana
iSalsa2 Instruction in Salsa and other Latin dances with Mambo Italiano & friends
Urbana Country Dancers Information on contra dancing in Champaign-Urbana
English Country Dancers Information on English country dancing in Champaign-Urbana
Illini Folk Dance Society Teaching & performance of traditional folk dances from around the world
217 Dance Dance directory for Central Illinois
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