February 4, 2012
McKinley Foundation, Champaign IL

We have had our Milonga Del Corazon at the Phillips Recreation Center in downtown Urbana since November 1999. We have always wanted to have a regular milonga on the University of Illinois campus. After testing it a few times in the summer of 2011 and liking it, we have decided to hold regular milongas at McKinley Foundation in Campustown. Here are some selected photos from our Inaugural Milonga Sentimental.

Dancers welcome a great campus location for milongas.

The environment is just perfect for tango.

The great classic tango music keeps dancers on the floor.

We were also celebrating Ron's birthday.

Ron blows out all of the candles in one breath.

Tracy helps Susana cut and distribute the cake.

A set of salsa, merengue, and swing
provides a change of mood.

Back to dancing tango.

Everyone is enjoying the music and the environment.

Ian & Susana

David & Tracy

Sarah & Alan

If you missed our Inaugural Milonga Sentimental, you need to come to the next one,
or you can always come to !Practica M! every Tuesday at McKinley Foundation.