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It is quite common for someone interested in dancing tango to consult YouTube to find videos on tango dancing. Unfortunately, most of the tango videos on YouTube represent tango stage dancing, not tango social dancing. If you want to learn how to dance tango at a milonga (tango social dance) it makes sense to get an understanding of what tango social dancing looks like.

Listed below are links to our web pages that provide direct access to a collection of YouTube videos that repesent tango as it is actually danced socially in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Videos of Milongueros Demonstrating Tango Milonguero

Although these videos are exhibitions at milongas, they are performed by social dancers and clearly show tango is danced in milongas in Buenos Aires.

Videos of Milongas in Buenos Aires

These videos show what dancing is like in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

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