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Tango Society courses are given at:
- Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W Stoughton, Urbana (Mondays & Thursdays)
- McKinley Foundation (Church Basement), 809 S Fifth Street, Champaign (Tuesdays)

Courses Offered: Fall 2013 Session II

- Newcomers to Tango: Please also consult the Beginner Corner for more information on Beginner Level Courses, Introductory Lessons & Workshops.

- Dancers with Tango Experience: Consult Course Levels & Content for assistance with selecting courses.

- Note on Partners: Except for courses specifically labeled as 'Couples' courses, partners are not required. However, admission to courses may be restricted to achieve gender balance (so early registration is recommended). In 'Couples' courses, you work exclusively with your partner. In other courses, couples have the option of rotating partners or working exclusively with their partner.

Day & Location

Fall 2013

Session II

Phillips Center

Info: e-mail Tango.Society

Introduction to Tango for Couples [A Syllabus]
Partner required; work exclusively with partner
No experience required

Thursdays 7:30 - 8:30 PM
October 10 - November 14 (6 weeks)
Cost: $45 per person / $35 Students

Tango Development course
'Expanding Tango Foundations:
Musicality, Navigation & Improvisation'
Pre-requisite: Foundations of Tango or consent of instructors
No partner required

Thursdays 8:45 - 9:45 PM
October 17 - November 14 (5 weeks)
Cost: $45 / $35 Students

Tuesdays @McKinley Foundation

Info: e-mail Tango.Society

Tango Beginner Express [Syllabus A]
No partner or experience required
Tuesdays 7 - 8:15 PM
October 15 - November 5 (4 weeks)
Cost: $40, $30 Students | Women: Additional $5 Discount

Intermediate Tango
Topic: 'The Genesis of Turns'
Pre-requisite: At least one Pre-intermediate Tango course
or consent of instructors
Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:45 PM
October 15 - November 5 (4 weeks)
Cost: $40, $30 Students | Women: Additional $5 Discount

Course Levels & Content

There are two Tango Foundations [A & B] courses. Each course has a somewhat different syllabus. Students may start their study of tango with either course. They are offered in sequence (ABAB...) throughout the year. There are also Introduction to Tango for Couples courses, that follow the Tango Foundations [A & B] syllabi, in which you work exclusively with your own partner. After taking both Tango Foundations courses, you can follow up with Pre-Intermediate Tango courses and then Intermediate Tango courses; our most advanced students take Advanced Tango courses. Listed below are some of the courses offered. Most courses are either 4 weeks (1.25 hour classes) or 5 weeks (1 hour classes) in length.

Course Level
Skills Taught

[1] Tango Foundations [A & B]
[1c] Intro to Tango for Couples [A & B]

No prior experience required.

[A & B] Exploring rhythms of tango, milonga and vals; Walking technique; Developing partner connection in the embrace; Leading and following technique; Basics of navigation;

[A] Basic rock step turns for musicality and navigation.

[B] 'La baldosa' as a basic structure for further development.

[2] Pre-Intermediate Tango

(A) The Building Blocks of Tango
(The Cruzada, Forward & Back Ochos)

(B) Fundamentals of Navigation
(Rock Step Turns, the Media Vuelta,
& the Ocho Cortado)

(C) Foundations of Milonga

Pre-requisites: Tango Foundations A &/or B

Pre-Intermediate Tango courses teach the basic movements characteristic of tango, such as the cruzada (cross), the forward and back ochos, and the ocho cortado, as well as movements that are characteristic of Milonga. These movements are incorporated into sequences using rock steps and 'la baldosa'. The technique in executing these movements and the musicality associated with their use are also examined.

[3] Intermediate Tango

(A) The Ins & Outs of Back Ochos
(B) The Genesis of Turns
(C) Intermediate Milonga

Pre-requisites: Pre-Intermediate Tango A, B & C

Intermediate Tango courses incorporate the basic movements learned in Pre-Intermediate Tango courses into building sequences (improvisation), and teaching the technique for leading and following improvised sequences.

(A) Identifying and incorporating into sequences various ways of entering and exiting back ocho sequences.

(B) Building a repertoire of turning movements (quarter, half, and full turn sequences), incorporating forward ochos and the ocho cortado.

(C) Building a repertoire for Milonga that is different than Tango. Exploring musical and navigational possibilities for improvisation in dancing Milonga.

[4] Advanced Tango

Pre-requisites: Intermediate Tango A, B & C
+ Consent of Instructors

Expansion of improvisational possibilities in both parallel and crossed-feet systems, in inside and outside partner positions; Exploration of sequence possibilities in turns; Navigational strategies for crowded floors; Expansion of uses of pauses and quicktime rhythm steps as part of adaptation of dance to different orchestras; Use of adornments, particularly in expression of musicality; Milonga con traspie; Expansion of rhythmic interpretations of vals; Developing musicality for complex orchestras such as Pugliese.


Meet in the Middle Tango Festival
Mt Vernon, MO

San Diego Tango Festival
Sunderland Club
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courses, introductory lessons, pre-milonga lessons and workshops are offered by resident Tango Society Instructors Ron Weigel and Susana Vazquez Weigel. Ron and Susana have danced tango since 1998, and have been teaching tango since 2001. They teach tango as it is danced today in the tango dance salons (milongas) of Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango. They travel regularly to Buenos Aires to receive instruction and study the way Argentines interpret their dance in a social setting. Their goal in teaching is to communicate a culturally authentic tango for social dancing.

Ron & Susana are locally and nationally recognized for the high quality of their instruction. Their students are recognized as being among the best tango dancers wherever they go to dance, not only locally, but also when they visit other tango communities in the US, and their students who have visited Buenos Aires are recognized for meeting the demanding standards for dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

Teaching Philosophy

"Tango is a beautiful dance, that focuses on the connection and communication between man and woman, and on the connection with and interpretation of the music. Unlike most other partner dances danced in the US, tango involves improvisation in using small sets of movements that can be combined in many ways to create unique sequences that fit the space available on the dance floor, rather than executing complex memorized figures. Teaching tango in this way allows greater freedom of choice, which makes it easier to learn. In all of our classes, from beginner to advanced, we emphasize partner connection, leading and following technique, interpretation of the music, improvisation, and the acquisition of navigational skills for the social dance floor.

Our tango classes are taught in a relaxed, frtiendly environment. We want you to learn to dance tango! We want you to enjoy tango as much as we do! Our instruction is based on building a solid foundation of good technique and undersatanding of the music, upon which you can build, developing new sequences and exploring new possibilties in improvisation and expression of the music. Our classes provide lots of practice to different kinds of classic tango music in order to improve these important dancing skills. This instruction prepares students for dancing tango at the milongas (Argentine tango social dances)."


The close connection achieved
by partners in tango


Pre-Milonga Lessons

Prior to most milongas, there will be a tango lesson given by either Ron and Susana or by guest instructors. These pre-milonga lessons are self-contained units of instruction. The level of instruction in pre-milonga lessons varies, although many are directed at students at the novice (no prior tango experience) or beginner level. At least one 'Introduction to Tango' pre-milonga lesson is given each University of Illinois semester.
Upcoming pre-milonga lessons are listed on our Home Page.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a valuable way to receive individual attention to solve specific problems or advance in topics not covered in courses or workshops. Private lessons are available with our resident instructors Ron and Susana and with visiting instructors. For further information on private lessons, contact us by e-mail or by phone (217-328-1309).

Tango Classes at the
Phillips Recreation Center

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