Tango Theatre
Urbana Park District
100th Anniversary Chautauqua
Crystal Lake Park
October 11, 2007

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TangoTheatreOct07 002
The immigrants enter the dance floor.
TangoTheatreOct07 004
The immigrants dance polka.
TangoTheatreOct07 008
More dancing polka
TangoTheatreOct07 013
Curt, Narrator #1
TangoTheatreOct07 014
The compadritos ener the arena.
TangoTheatreOct07 017
Compadritos practice dancing with each other.
TangoTheatreOct07 018
Sandra chooses compadrito Richard for a dance.
TangoTheatreOct07 019
Richard & Sandra dance
while comparditos continue practicing.
TangoTheatreOct07 023
Richard & Sandra do a solo vals.
TangoTheatreOct07 032
A knife fight breaks out among the compadritos.
TangoTheatreOct07 036
Ron & Susana Milonga Solo
TangoTheatreOct07 038
Ron & Susana Milonga Solo 2
TangoTheatreOct07 039
Christina, Narrator #2
TangoTheatreOct07 040
Family elders escort young ladies
to seats at milonga.
TangoTheatreOct07 041
The young men on the other side
look to dance with the young ladies.
TangoTheatreOct07 044
Aldin asks chaperone if he can dance with Sandra.
TangoTheatreOct07 054
Young men and women dance.
TangoTheatreOct07 057
It takes 3 to DJ: Susana, Dan & Janet
TangoTheatreOct07 056
Downtown Milonga: Ladies wait for cabeceo.
ChautauquaTango 002
Downtown Milonga Dancing #1
ChautauquaTango 006
Downtown Milonga Dancing #2
ChautauquaTango 008
Downtown Milonga Dancing #3
ChautauquaTango 015
Downtown Milonga Dancing #4
TangoTheatreOct07 075
Downtown Milonga Dancing #5